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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

HIIT Cardio Strength Workout

I've really been enjoying my vacation workouts so far this week.  As much as I love teaching my group classes at Urban Active, it's nice to be able to come up with some original workouts for myself and really spend some time on me and my own fitness goals.  Therefore, I take FULL advantage of my vacations by really digging in and getting in some good sweat time!  On Monday, I did a sweet tabata workout and yesterday I got in a good 3 mile run, followed up by a core circuit.  So, this morning, I was all about some HIIT training, and decided to use some of my favorite exercises.  Of course, I had to throw a little Shaun T in there, right??  And no day is complete without a few burpees.  So I really hope you like this workout because I was totally digging it!  I've shown you videos and pictures below of each exercise, so please make sure to review them for explanation and form before attempting.  

Try and do each exercise for one full minute, and then give yourself a 20 second rest between exercises.  It will be imperative to have a timer with you set to the 1 minute/20 second intervals.  Although, I think the Gymboss timer is great, there are free apps available for your smartphone as well!!  

The one thing I didn't make completely clear was to make sure that on the lunge/bicep curl exercise you alternate your working leg after 30 seconds.

Go get 'em folks and let me know how it goes!!  I finished up this workout with the core workout I posted yesterday so feel free to add that in as well. As always, drink your water!!

In Good Health,


Plank pike jump
Plank pike jumps
From a full plank position, bend your knees and jump your feet into your hands, landing in a crouch on the balls of your feet. Jump up and extend your legs back out to your plank position. That's one rep. Repeat as quickly as you can for one minute.

Squat/Overhead Press

Side to Side Shuffle Jump
Stand with your feet hip width apart, squat down and reach your right hand to the floor, to the outside of your right foot. Push off both legs and jump up and to the left, landing in a squat, reaching your left hand to the outside of your left foot. Repeat as quickly as you can, from side to side, for one minute.

Plank row with dumb bells

Shaun T Insanity Diamond Jumps

3 Pulse Lung with Bicep Curl

Shaun T Insanity Squat Push ups

Tricep Chair Dips

Full Burpees w/ pushup and hop up

Prisoner sumo squat w/ knee lift


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