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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ab Workout Pyramid

Here's the latest ab workout for our July challenge from my Facebook page.  Throughout the month, I've created for you various ab circuits and even an ab tabata, trying to show you a variety of different abdominal, oblique and back exercises.  I decided to go with a pyramid style for today.  Add this into your regularly scheduled workout for a little abdominal burn that will feel oh so good!!!  I've attached a few clips for you to review each exercise beforehand.  I'm attaching 2 clips for the jack knife sit ups.  This can be a bit of a challenging exercise, therefore, I wanted to make sure and include a less advanced option for you.  Go at your own pace and your own level.  Enjoy!!

Hover Plank
Begin in the plank position with your forearms and toes on the floor.
Keep your torso straight and rigid and your body in a straight line from ears to toes with no sagging or bending.Your head is relaxed and you should be looking at the floor.
Hold this position for 1 minute.  Drop knees to the ground at ANY TIME to modify.

Jack knife sit ups - beginner clip/modification

Jack knife sit ups - higher intensity

Thread the Needle

Reverse Crunches

Bicycle crunches

V-Sit with toe tap

In Good Health,


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