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Monday, July 29, 2013

A reflection and the final countdown to 40.......

I wanted to come up with a super inspiring blog post for my birthday this year, kind of like last years, but for some reason I just didn't have it in me this time around.  It's not because I'm not feeling inspirING or inspirED, but honestly this has been one of the craziest, yet most amazing years of my adult life and I am having a hard time making sense when I talk.  Too much to discuss and I'm feeling very ADD right now. So I'm just going to reflect, at the same time I'll look ahead and just release some random thoughts.  Feel free to stick around and read the rest of the blog or tune off now because I'm not sure how scattered this is going to get.

I'm full of hope and promise and love.........and muffins. So begins the final countdown to 40......

A little over a year ago, I started my fitness page on Facebook, Fit and Healthy with Debbie Reichert.  There is a good chance if you are reading this that you found me there, which eventually led you here.  Or it could be you found me through Pinterest and a certain muffin recipe that apparently has changed lives.....LOL.  I joke.

When starting my blog and these social media accounts I had NO ulterior motive.  NONE! I wanted to have an outlet to share motivation, inspiration, workouts and my recipes with people who were interested. But something happened I wasn't prepared for.  I began putting myself out there, with personal posts and true feelings and emotions and people began to respond in a very positive manner.  As my Facebook page numbers grew, I began making friends with people all across the world that I will probably never meet.  A community of like minded individuals was started, and I named them the Fit and Healthy Crew.  At the time I was primarily a stay at home Mom that taught a few group fitness classes every week and trained a couple of people on the side.  It was fine. I was happy.  People around town started following my page and the next thing you know I was getting requests for more personal training.  I took a huge leap of faith and started my own personal training/small group fitness business in October of last year.  That same month I posted one of my healthy muffin recipes on my blog.  Since then, my life has been forever changed.

I would say that I'm living my passion and my purpose. I don't believe that things fall into your lap.  I just believe that if you care enough about something then people will know you're not full of crap and they will respect you. This certainly wasn't all me.  There was definitely someone else involved and He gave me strength to pursue a dream...... And if I may be completely honest, I have never wanted anything more than to do a photo shoot that included a bible/bicep shot.  I mean seriously? Who else would ever do that?? For those of you that truly know me.....You know I would do that! And I did. #freakingcoolpic

The past few months have been a whirlwind and I started my website to begin offering online programs to my Fit and Healthy Crew members.  I felt I still needed to reach MORE people about health, fitness and overall wellness.  My website allows me to do this.  My goal is to truly help as many people as I can live a healthier lifestyle.  I'm so freaking passionate that nothing will stop me.  Now, I hope this doesn't come across as bragatory (I have no clue if that is a word), because that is definitely not me. I just want everyone to understand how completely devoted I am to what I'm doing.  I believe in strength in numbers and I believe in the people that I get to help.  It's not just about the workouts or the clean eating.  It's about believing in others so much, even when they don't believe in themselves.  It's about praying for my clients with food issues and hoping that something I say will help them in their personal journey.  It's about proving to my clients that yes, you CAN work 40 hours a week, still be a good parent AND get in an hour workout every day for yourself.  This is non-negotiable in my life.  My family gets it.  My husband and kids are supportive of me and the time that I need to make for myself.  It only makes me a better Mom and wife.  And if the laundry doesn't get done, then so what.  Tomorrow is another day and they will sleep in only their underwear anyway, so who cares! It's about surrounding yourself with people that believe in you and will lift you higher and support you in your lifestyle change.  It's about loving yourself.  It's about loving others.  It's about letting go of negativity and focusing on the positive things in your life because honestly, life IS too short to sweat the small stuff.

That said, I will not sweat it that I am in my last year of my 30's.  Although I'm not completely over the moon thrilled to say I'm 39, I also know that I feel better than I did at 29.  I'm stronger and in a better place because I am CHOOSING to be.  We all have a choice on how we are going to attack our days when we get out of bed.  I'm sometimes grumpy, not gonna lie, but it's nothing a cup of coffee, a hot shower and a few burpees can't usually cure.  I feel lucky for that reason.  I am not living with a disease that holds me back.  Many people are.  I have a family that loves me and a roof over my head and two working legs.  Many people don't. I am beyond perfect, but it's my imperfections that make me who I am.  It's imperfections in others that I find interesting and usually what makes me want to get to know them better.  I'm sure perfect would be boring anyway and let's be honest.....Ain't nobody got time for boring! LIVE LIFE!!!

So that is it.  My random birthday thoughts. Take from it what you may.

The girl trying to change the world one bicep curl at a time...........

1 comment:

  1. we love you guys Debbie and we are so proud of everything you are doing and all the people that you are reaching for good. keep cracking Out those bicep curls and many more lives will be changed.