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Thursday, January 17, 2013

30 Day Burpee Challenge

Are you IN??????????  Are you ready to take the 30 day burpee challenge put together by myself, Fit and Healthy with Debbie Reichert and Natalie over at My Think Fit??  We have broken this challenge down day by day so that you can slowly work up through the month and by day 30 you WILL be busting out 100 burpees!

Pick whatever style of burpee you are comfortable with.  Here I've given you a brief explanation of a way to modify your burpee.

And then once you find your "groove" you'll be eventually busting them out at a pretty good pace, like this:

But most importantly, use what you have and do what you can.  If you need to split them down into sets then do that.  Do as many as you can, write it down.  Then come back later, bust out a few more, etc. etc.  The goal here is to do the specified number of burpees listed each day and you will find your strength and endurance increasing over time.  By day 30 you will be amazed at how the once ever feared burpee may no longer be so awful.

Have a very burpee day!
In good health,


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